Take a culinary tour of India's royal flavors

Using freshly chosen secret ingredients passed down through generations, Mr. Sanjay Sharma, the owner of Masala Of India has set a new taste standard for Indian food. His fine skills to cater food lovers with the most palatable healthiest Indian food and his respect for more than 100-year-old Indian culinary tradition led him to become one of the featured food vendors at the recent Northgate Festival. The passion to provide tempting food along with the concern for the well-being of the consumers gave birth to the healthiest Indian food cuisine one can find in the whole country.

Since 2000, Masala of India has been catering Indian indulgences to Indian food lovers giving your taste buds a treat like never before. The sizzling spicy flavours of our appetizers directly from the spice capital of the world will leave you licking your fingers and lips.